Just where are all the sunspots?

Universe Today is reporting something I’ve seen a lot of sources reporting on over the past week – the lack of sunspots.

It seems there is a “small concern” that something odd may be happening with the current lack of magnetic activity on the Sun, two years after the solar minimum.

…just as we begin to get worried that the next solar maximum is going to unleash all sorts of havoc on Earth (i.e. NASA’s 2006 solar storm warning), scientists have begun to get concerned as to whether there is going to be a solar maximum at all…solar physicists discussed the possibility that the Sun could be facing a long period of calm, leading to the concern that there could be another Maunder Minimum.

Forecast of space weather have been suggesting that ‘Solar Cycle 24’ is a historically active cycle… but so far very little has happened. Is the Sun in as sustained depression? Or is it waiting to surprise us with a big leap in activity – flares and CMEs – over the next few months?


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