CCD Camera First Light

The new CCD camera (Atik 16ic) was installed in the observatory last night, and during the setup process we tested it on a few random targets and took a few snapshots. Here are those initial test unfiltered images:

Albireo - double star in Cygnus

Albireo - double star in Cygnus (1 second exposure)


Messier 57 - Ring Nebula

Messier 57 - Ring Nebula (10 second exposure)

The Jovian satellites next to Jupiter (over-saturated)

The Jovian satellites (0.01 second exposure)

Lunar craters (0.001 second exposure)

Lunar craters (0.001 second exposure)

Nothing too spectacular, so far, but with more use and practice we hope to be using it for both imaging and photometry projects in the coming year.

Images: Taken by David Warrington, Ken Salmon, Stuart Grainger.

Equipment: Meade 12″ LX200, Atik 16ic


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