The ISS Toolbox

The toolbag lost by astronauts during a spacewalk this past week (reported on here by the BBC) is currently being tracked by satellite observers. A veteran amateur observer actually managed to capture a video of the toolbag as it passed overhead. The video, taken by Kevin Fetter in Canada, can be seen here.

The object appears as a dim 8th magnitude – if you want to try and see it for yourself, here’s the link to  Space Weather’s Satellite Tracker page. It will start to be visible from Essex from Tuesday along with the ISS itself.

Yes, yet again the International Space Station will be visible over our skies. The links on the right of this page will take you to NASA’s ISS viewing times page, where you can check when and where to look.


Lost toolbag floats away from the ISS. Credit: NASA

As for the toolbag, which floated away from Endeavour astronaut Heidemarie Stefanyshyn-Piper during the STS-126 mission’s first spacewalk on Tuesday, NASA will not be attempting to recover it. Even though it cost $100,000. It contained various tools used to fix a solar panel joint – including a grease gun which had spilt it’s contents, causing the bag to accidentally drift off.

On completion of the mission, the ISS will be capable of hosting six crew members.


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