GLOBE at Night 2009


Today marks the start of GLOBE at Night 2009, an exciting global project to map light pollution around the world, and anyone can take part!

 It’s really – just download the Orion star maps from the GLOBE at Night website and on the next clear night between now and 28th March, head outside to find the constellation of Orion. Once you have found it, compare what you can see to the star map to get a measure of the darkness of the local sky.

 Orion will appear in the south-western skies and you should wait for at least an hour after the Sun sets before making your observations. Orion sets at about 11pm, so the best time to make the comparison is between 8pm and 10pm.

 Once you know your sky magnitude rating you can upload this to the GLOBE at Night website and compare your measurements with the thousands of others that will be flooding in from around the world.

 It would be great to have as many readings as possible so pass this along to others.


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