June 09 Public Meeting

This month’s public meeting takes place on Wednesday 17th June. midi512_blank_2001

“Solar Observing” by Peter Meadows

The Sun has a significant impact on our planet, it’s atmosphere and magnetic field. Solar activity can be safely observed using small-to-medium sized telescopes via the use of special filters which either reduce light levels to a safe minimum (allowing observation of surface detail and sunpots) or only transmit particular wavelengths of light (such as use of a Hydrogen-Alpha filter for more dynamic solar features like flares and prominences). A selection of observations made by the speaker over the last solar cycle and from other solar observers will then shown, describing the characteristics of solar cycles, the present solar minimum and the start of the new cycle will be discussed. This will lead to the ultimate question of the moment – “Why has the sun been so inactive recently?”.

Peter Meadows is the editor of The Astronomer magazine’s solar section. He has been solar observing for over 20 years, using a modest 80mm refractor to safely project the sun and produce the disk drawings. His regular solar observations form part of the catalogue of data collated by the solar section of the British Astronomical Association.

The meeting that will be held at the Henry Dixon Hall, Rivenhall End, Witham, CM8 3HD. The doors open at 7:30 pm with the talk getting underway at ~8pm. Entry costs £3. Free tea & coffee will be available.


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