Comet Christensen C/2006 W3

Image (c) Michael Jager

Image (c) Michael Jager

Comet Christensen C/2006 W3 is a bright telescopic, or even binocular, object which is visible almost all night. It looks to be continuing to brighten yet is a long way out – over 2 AU from Earth and over 3 AU from the Sun.

It appears to have brightened to around magnitude 9 this week, with observations of a bright core and coma that looks rather like a mini-version of Comet Holmes from a few while back. (source: James Abbott)

For more details on the comet, visit the following links:


Heavens Above


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  1. Thanks for the tip. I am going to need to go look for it now. Is it visible from the Middle East as well?

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