Image of Comet Christensen

Here is an image of Comet Christensen (C/2006 W3), taken by society member James Abbott on the 18th August this year.

Christensen DDP

Image details: 2009 August 18th - Start of imaging 22.13 UT - 7x30s images stacked - 300mm f4 reflector at prime focus with ATIK 16IC camera - Coma details enhanced using DDP filter in Astroart

This comet was discovered in November 2006 by Eric Christensen of the Catalina Sky Survey, Tuscon. At the time the comet was located ~8.7 AU from the Sun (approximately the Sun-Saturn distance). The comet reached perihelion at a still quite distant 3.12 AU from the Sun in July this year and, at that time, the comet brightened to around 9th magnitude – visible in many smaller backyard telescopes and even binoculars from dark sites.  It is currently magnitude 11 and so one needs very dark skies and a more capable telescope to see it.


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