March Public Meeting – Nik Szymanek

Image: Nik Szymanek

For our public meeting this month we welcome back guest speaker Nik Szymanek to give a presentation called: “An Introduction to CCD Imaging”

Nik is widely acknowledged for his deep sky astro‐imaging, as well as his image processing abilities, and his pictures are frequently published in the leading astronomy magazines and publications. Nik will give us an introduction to all the modern forms of astro imaging and show a selection of his amazing photography. Although being based in Essex, he regularly travels to more remote locations in order to take advantage of some of the best observing sites – producing some of the best CCD images and widefield night sky photographs you will see.

The public meeting takes place at the Henry Dixon Hall, Rivenhall End on Wednesday 17th March at 7:30pm. For further information, see the Events page.


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  1. I really enjoyed Nik Szymanek`s presentation.
    What fantastic images.
    Sorry I had to leave soon after.
    Things to do.

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