Jupiter Impact – 3rd June 2010

UDPATE 4/6/2010 – Anthony Wesley has now posted a color composite image, as well as his own greyscale video, of the event:

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Something has hit Jupiter again. Amateur astronomers Anthony Wesley (Australia) and Christopher Go (Philippines) independently observed what appears to be an impact on Jupiter on the 3rd June at 20:31 GMT. The strike produced a bright flash of light in the atmosphere of the gas giant.

It is unknown what the impacting object was – it could have been an asteroid or a comet – but it is expected that a dark debris field “scar”  will develop around the impact point, similar to what happened following impacts with Jupiter in the past. Astronomers are encouraged to monitor Jupiter in the days ahead.

A short video of the impact, captured by Christopher Go and confirming that something did strike Jupiter, can be found below  or via this link (you may need to replay it a few times):


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