Raw Images from Today’s Cassini’s Close Flyby of Dione

Just in … crisp, detailed raw images from Cassini’s close flyby of  Dione earlier today, including views of its north polar region at a
never-before-seen resolution.

Notice especially the long, bright ice cliffs crossing a region of the moon that, during the Voyager mission, became known as the `wispy terrain’.   Voyager couldn’t resolve what Cassini has since seen in great detail:  That this terrain is not crossed by wispy-looking bands  of hummocky bright ice, as was previously thought, but instead is laced  with organized sets of fractures that reveal bright, clean, sub-surface ice.

Go to … http://www.ciclops.org/view_event/141/Dione_Rev_137_Raw_Preview?js=1

… and check it all out for yourself.


Carolyn Porco
Cassini Imaging Team Leader
Director, CICLOPS
Space Science Institute



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