March Public Meeting – Life Beyond Earth #wonders

Our guest speaker this month is Gary Auker who will asking “Is there life out there?” in his talk, titled:


Imagine if we eventually discover hundreds of potentially habitable planets within a few hundred light-years of our solar system. Or instead imagine that we somehow find no other worlds remotely suitable for life as we know it. Either result would constitute a shocking revelation.

What if we are cosmically alone, on a planet as anomalously unlikely and fertile as an apple tree blooming in an barren desert wasteland? What if worlds like ours are common as grains of sand? Does the universe hum with life, or does silence and sterility reign away from our planet? The truth is, no one really knows. But that may soon change.

Gary will ponder the nature and prevalence of life in the Universe, and consider the science and of searching for intelligence.

The public meeting takes place at the Henry Dixon Hall, Rivenhall End on Wednesday 16th March at 7:30pm. Entry is £4. For more details see out Events page.


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