May Public Meeting – The Green Flash

Our guest speaker this month is Mike Frost who will be talking about “THE GREEN FLASH”.

Once in a while, the very last ray of light from the setting sun flashes a vivid green. The “Green Flash” has sparked the imagination of story tellers throughout the ages.

Green flashes are optical phenomena that occur shortly after sunset or before sunrise, when a green area is visible above the sun for a second or two. They are usually observed from location with unobstructed horizon, such as over the ocean.

In this talk Mike Frost, Director of the Historical Section of the British Astronomical Association, demonstrates how the green flash has featured in legend and romance, before showing how modern science can explain this elusive sky phenomenon.

 The public meeting takes place at the Henry Dixon Hall, Rivenhall End on Wednesday 18th May April at 7:30pm. For further information, see the Events page.


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