ISS Viewing Times (June 2011)

Image: David Warrington

The International Space Station is again visible over Essex skies in the evenings over the next couple of weeks.

The ISS is a fairly bright object and is quite easy to spot, as long as you know when and where to look. It appears as a bright point object moving across the sky, usually taking a couple of minutes to pass over.

You may have noticed that there are several long passes predicted each day at the moment – this is likely due to the position of the Sun in the sky at the moment (with it being near the summer solstice), thus illuminating the station for longer time. The station also received an altitude change recently, which may also have affected it’s trajectory due to the slight change in orbit.

It’s also quite a good target for photography (see left).

You can find the viewing times of ISS flybys over Essex here, or you can click the “ISS Tracking” link in the right-hand menu.


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