Starfest 2011 – Thoughts & Feedback

Did you attend Starfest on 19th November? If so, many thanks for coming along.

It was our first attempt at such an event and so we would appreciate some feedback on the day from you. To do so, please leave a comment below.

(We’ll post some photos of the day here shortly, once we’ve recovered!)


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  1. NEAS planning team, great job on Starfest today. The event was very well organized in a comfortably sized venue. The speakers were excellent and the trade tables tempting as usual. I think it was quite well attended and appreciated. I hope it will become a new tradition for NEAS. When do 2012 tickets go on sale?

  2. Hi NEAS team. Great event! It was my first time to such an event and I didn’t really know what to expect. I found everyone to be very friendly and welcoming and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the speakers. No, more than that: the speakers were excellent in any context, let alone an amateur astronomy conference. Thoroughly looking ford to next year 🙂

  3. My wife and I are new to astronomy, new to NEAS and new to the event. All three have us bowled over! It was a great day – we were just sorry that not quite knowing what to anticipate we hadn’t left ourselves the full day to take it all in. Thanks to everyone concerned – particularly those nice folks outside who gave us our first look at the sun through a telescope.

  4. A fantastic day which we thoroughly enjoyed. The speakers were superb, very clear and very professional. You have now set yourself a hard task, because if you repeat the event everyone will expect the same first class standard next time!! Congratulations and thank you to all concerned!
    It’s a minor point, but by the end of the day we found the chairs were getting very uncomfortable!

  5. This was a really fantastic day with very interesting, stimulating and varied talks by expert presenters. I also loved the solar observations at lunchtime. The venue was great with plenty of parking. Definitely worth the trip and I’ll be back next year. Many thanks.

    Possible improvements to make next year even better:

    – More comfortable chairs! I was in severe pain by the end of the day. :o(
    – The sky was clear when we left and it would have been the icing on the cake to see Jupiter through some big scopes.
    – Possibly a bit more time between talks to view the trade stands and talk to other attendees (perhaps I was just talking too much anyway!)

  6. Well done it was a great day,my friend Mable and I really enjoyed the day. We managed to chat between brewing up approx 400 cups of tea and coffee. We met some really interesting people and loved the Garden talk by Pete Lawrence. If you are desperate we will be back next year.

  7. Thank you Paul and Dave, and to you all, for organising such a fantastic day. You all deserve a great deal of credit and praise for making the day so good. Thank you for asking me to present a lecture, it was a great honour to be able to do it. Look forward to the next one. All the very best to all at NEAS, Andy Green.

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