Stargazing: This Saturday 25th February

This month’s Stargazing night is on this Saturday at the Great Notley Discovery Centre in Braintree.

From about 6pm onwards, the telescopes will be set up for everyone to look through. If the skies are clear you’ll be able to the cresent Moon, the planets Jupiter and Venus, as well as more distant objects like the Orion Nebula – a rich star-forming region over a thousand light-years away.

Also, if you have a telescope that you need assistance with, or are just looking for advice in getting started, we can help you out.

Everyone is welcome, so please come along. The night is free of charge, although there may be a site parking fee.

(Although, please be aware that we are dependent on clear weather – if it’s cloudy, we obviously won’t be able to see much!)

For further How-to guides about telescopes and night sky, try visiting the BBC Stargazing page here:


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  1. When is the next Saturday gathering? I was working this week, would love to join you at Braintree, with my family. Am very much an amateur star gazer, don’t know very much at all. So want to learn more, with my family

  2. Hi Arlene – the next public stargazing will be on 31 March. You can find all the dates under the stargazing tab. Maybe see you next time.

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