Venus Transit: Live Streams

Image: Sven Kaestner

Image: Sven Kaestner

The Venus Transit of tonight/tomorrow will be the last such event for 105 years. If you’re located in certain parts of the world and have solar filters to view it safely, please do try to get out there and view it. (From the UK, the sunrises at ~04:30am with the transit already underway and ending about an hour later)

The weather forecast in the UK for tonight and early morning is looking less than agreeable, and so we may miss the chance to see the Transit of Venus in person. However, you can still see it via video feed from somewhere which does have clear skies. So if you can’t see the transit for yourself, here are some links to live streams for you to check out:

NASA will have live coverage of the transit of Venus, with video feeds from around the world.

Bad Astronomy will have a live video feed and commentary.

SLOOH, the robotic telescope site, will have multiple live feeds from several locations around the world as part of an eight hour broadcast with interviews and commentary. and the AAO will be broadcasting the Transit live from their Siding Spring Observatory Site, Australia.

Astronomers Without Borders are streaming the transit live from the Mount Wilson Observator, with Dr. Ian O’Neill, Space Producer for Discovery News, hosting the webcast.

The transit begins at 23:09 BST tonight (5th June) and will finish at 05:49 BST tomorrow morning (6th June).


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