Jupiter Occultation (15th July 2012)

In the early hours of Sunday morning, the Moon will partially cover Jupiter. A Lunar occultation of Jupiter is a somewhat rare event and, from most places in Essex, Jupiter will be seen to graze the edge of the Moon and be partially obscured.

Further north from Essex, no occultation will be visible. But from further south, Jupiter will become completely hidden by the Moon.

From the Braintree area, the occultation will look something like this:

The occultation begins just before 3am and, as Jupiter will have only risen about a hour before this, the occultation takes place quite low on the horizon. Therefore, you will need a clear Eastern horizon to observe it. Jupiter’s moons Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto will also be visible and be occulted.

Lunar occultation of Jupiter

Approx. timings (BST) for the occultation: (please check a program like Stellarium for your precise location)

2:55 am – The Moon begins to cover  Europa (one of Jupiter’s moons)
2:58am – The Moon begins to cover Jupiter.
3:12 am – Jupiter passes from behind The Moon
3:24  am –  Callisto passes clear  from behind the Moon to end the occultation..


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