Summer Solargazing (27th August)

This Bank Holiday Monday, we will be at the Great Notley Country Park with solar telescopes. We’ll be set up from midday onwards for a couple of hours and anyone is welcome to come along and view the Sun through a telescope.

Ordinarily you should never look at the Sun – it can be extremely harmful and it not advised to try at home unless you know what you are doing. However, we have specialised telescopes and solar filters that make solar observing safe to do. You may be able to see sunspots (dark areas on the Sun’s photosphere) and solar prominences (giant magnetic loops of glowing gas).

Of course, the events will be subject to weather – if it’s cloudy or raining you might not see anything. But we will be on hand to answer any astronomy questions you may have, or to help you get your own telescope set up.

For further details, please see our Stargazing page.


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