Sir Patrick Moore (1923-2012)

On a clear night this week go outside, spot a meteor, and give a toast to Patrick – the reason & inspiration many of us became astronomers.

“One of the many amazing things about Patrick was that he didn’t just inspire a generation about science & astronomy – he inspired several.”


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  1. So true dave. My dad, me and Lana all interested in astronomy thanks to him. ( admittedly not so much Lana but she knew who he was)

  2. Sir Patrick;
    I met him a couple of times, and have two books personally signed by him. Also, I was born just a month after the very first Sky at Night! A true English gentleman.

  3. Patrick was a one-off. Inspirational, eccentric and brilliant, he communicated his love of astronomy to millions of people across 7 decades.
    As a teenager trying to learn about astronomy in the early 1970s, the Sky at Night was essential viewing for me. I do hope they can keep the programme going as a tribute to his work. I watched his last Sky at Night only a few days ago and – like others I am sure – said to myself “keep going Patrick”, given his age and frail health.

    BAA President Bill Leatherbarrow said it perfectly:

    “Many of us felt that this day could never come, and that the normal laws of nature would somehow be suspended in this case. Sadly and inevitably, that was not to be, and we shall all miss a presence that has enriched British astronomy, and the lives of most of us, for as long as we can remember.”

  4. This particular blog post, “Sir Patrick Moore (1923-2012)
    North Essex Astronomical Society” reveals that u know precisely what u r writing about!

    I 100 % agree with your post. Thanks a lot -Mari

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