STARFEST III – Thoughts and Feedback


A big thank you to everyone who took part in Starfest on Saturday. That includes all the speakers, traders, exhibitors and all those who attended.

Photos and videos from the event will be posted here in the week, so check back again for updates.

If you did attend, we’d would appreciate some feedback from you. Tell us what you thought about the day, so we can further improve the event next time. Please leave any constructive criticisms in the comments section below.


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  1. Congratulations to everyone involved with the organisation, set-up and running of Starfest III on Saturday. I thoroughly enjoyed the event and I feel it represented excellent value for money. The quality of the speakers and lectures was very high and it was a joy to be able to speak to the knowledgeable exhibitors about their particular fields. I personally think that you have got this event spot on and find it difficult to suggest any improvements (aside from perhaps shortening the raffle!!; other events I have attended draw the winning raffle tickets together with a numbered prize and then post the lucky winners on a board so that everyone can see whether they have won or not – saves all the calling out all the winning numbers).

    Well done again on a superb event and thank you. I look forward to Starfest IV!!!

  2. Hi Dave,

    The event was my first astronomy event I have ever attended, mainly due to distance, shift work etc however what a way to break my duck. I thought the quality of speakers was fantastic with Alan, Stewart and Carolin being a the surprise package. I enjoyed speaking to the trade stands but must admit I did feel slightly out of my depth but that is my inexperience alone and look forwards to being in a better position next year.

    My only criticism is I would have liked to visit the planetarium however I knew the tour would have over lapped the speakers towards the afternoon but I would prefer longer talks anyway so I was glad they ran over! Keep up the good work and I hope to come to a viewing session at Notley soon



  3. Many thanks: I really enjoyed the day despite knowing very little about any of the subjects covered having come with my would-be physicist son. The speakers were engaging & I consider myself fortunate to have been there. Carolin Crawley’s talk was especially memorable (& it was good to hear her on R4 on the Monday following).

    I did wonder whether the day might have benefited from having a shorter lunchbreak, but suspect that that time was built in to provide time for the speakers & other movers & shakers to relax & network, & to be fair to the exhibitors by encouraging visitors to browse their products.

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