Great Notley Solar Eclipse Viewing – BBC Stargazing Live


As many of you are probably aware, there will be an eclipse of the Sun on Friday 20th March, in the morning.

For those of us not lucky enough to be in the Faroe Isles at the time, the eclipse will be partial, with the Moon covering 80+% of the Sun as viewed from Essex. Weather permitting it promises to be a spectacular event and the best eclipse seen from the UK since 1999.

We are planning a public eclipse viewing event at Great Notley Country Park to tie in with BBC Stargazing LIVE, which this year is focused on the eclipse.


The eclipse begins around 8.30am, and runs through until around 10.30am.


We will, however, have solar telescopes out, and a limited number of glasses and viewing strips for you to borrow, so hopefully everyone will have a chance to see something, if the weather behaves!

We hope to see some of you there!

greatnotleypcWith grateful thanks to Great Notley Parish Council for their support!


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  1. Hello I’m trying to track down some glasses for my kids school, they are all very excited about seeing the eclipse. Can you provide information of your glasses supplier thanks Lisa

  2. Hello Lisa. Unfortunately the supplier we used has now sold out, as have many others. We have had many enquiries and I’m not aware of anyone that has any left in stock. We ourselves are unable to supply bulk orders as we only catered for individuals. Sorry. I would suggest you try an alternative means of viewing, such as getting the children to make pinhole cameras. These can be quite effective, as is using a colander to project the image (sounds strange, but it works!). Best regards.

  3.!/essexastro Essex Astro in Burnham on crouch has a few left. Not sure if it would be enough for what you need though. Worth checking with them if you’ve not found anywhere else

  4. Hiya, can i come an attend with my 3 children at Notley Park and take a chance there will be some we can use, or would you advise not to. The supplier at our school has let us down and i really don’t want my children to miss this amazing sight.thanks

  5. By all means come along. We will do our best to ensure people get a chance to either look through a telescope or borrow a pair of glasses. The event lasts 2 hours and nobody is advised to stare at the sun for 2 hours even with glasses, so hopefully everyone will get to see something by sharing the resources. It is really going to depend on how many people come, and the weather, as to how much chance there is. Current forecast is not great, which means viewing opportunities could be limited to start with unfortunately. A piece of card with a pinhole in can be used to project an image, so if nothing else this is a good alternative that anyone can do.

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