Travel to the Stars – The April Lecture

On April 15th, we welcome Rob Swinney from the Initiative for Interstellar Studies to give us a talk entitled Travel to the Stars.

It may seem like science fiction but there are people today trying to work out how the human race might really travel to the stars.  There are professionals, part-timers, students and enthusiasts working toward this goal right now, dreaming big and holding a realistic expectation their goal will be achieved, if not by themselves personally, perhaps the next generations in the decades to come.

In this talk, Rob Swinney a retired RAF squadron leader engineering officer, will look at the background to these interstellar studies, illustrate some seminal work of the past and bring things up to date with a look at the surge in spacecraft designs and efforts to bring what was just imagination in to reality.  People in this audience may well find themselves in the vanguard of a new space race to the stars.

The Henry Dixon Hall starting at 8pm, doors open from 7.30pm.

Details and directions can be found in the Events page


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