June Solar Gazing at Great Notley

This coming Saturday 17th June, we have the next of this year’s solar observing sessions at Great Notley Country Park. We will have specialist solar telescopes set up to observe the Sun in complete safety. You will be able to see any visible sunspots, as well as prominences and flares, and we will be happy to answer questions on astronomy and telescopes in general.

Pop along any time between midday and 3pm (approximately) to take a look at our nearest star. We will be setting up in the field opposite the main building, next to the overflow car park. Observing is free (site parking fee applies). Viewing is weather dependent. If it is cloudy you may not see anything, and if it’s raining the session will be cancelled. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter feeds for the latest updates, or call the park on 03330 132900.

NEVER look at the Sun without proper specialist equipment. Permanent eye damage will result.



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If you have any questions or comments about astronomy or the Society, please leave a comment below and we'll try to get back to you.

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