Our public lectures are informative, social evenings with a selection of speakers talking on a diverse range of topics. Free refreshments are provided, and a raffle with a selection of prizes is held at most meetings. Anyone is welcome – beginner or expert – and there is no need to pre-book. A small charge applies to help us cover costs (typically £3 for non-members; £2 for members; U16s free). Doors open at 7.30pm with the talk starting at 8.00pm.

Program of Public Lectures 2017

  • 18th January – Open evening: Telescope Workshop/Bring & Buy sale
  • 15th February – Dr John Coffin – Spectroscopy (For hand out click here)
  • 15th March – John Press – Venus
  • 19th April – Peter Bull – A Window Through the Universe
  • 17th May – Mike Barrett – How to automate your telescope
  • 21st June – Andy Hutcheon – Building an astronomy shed
  • 15th July – Starfest 2017
  • August – Members-only picnic/BBQ
  • 20th September – James Hannan – Moons of the Solar System (+AGM)
  • 18th October – Jerry Workman – Update on Mars
  • 15th November – Ian Lauwerys “How to build your death star”
  • 6th December – Quiz Night

Unless stated otherwise, public meetings are held at:
The Henry Dixon Hall,
Henry Dixon Road,
Rivenhall End,

Note that if you are using an in-car satnav system, this postcode may not take you directly to the hall – please check this Google Maps link if you aren’t sure: 

  1. I have a 12 year old Grandson who is coming to visit me in April 2017 for 6 weeks from the Phillipines and is into Astronomy. I have just found your site and want to know if you have anything I can get him involved in while they are here. He would love it.

  2. Hi Jo. We will have several events in April/May next year. Public stargazing at Great Notley is on 8 April and 6 May, and at Abberton Reservoir on 1 April and 13 May. We will have our monthly lectures on 19 April and 17 May, but we have not yet confirmed speakers for these. I hope this helps.

  3. Hi My wife and I have just bought a telescope and would like to join your group to find out how to set it up properly and where to look..! When would be best to pop along to join and chat?

  4. Hi Kim. Unfortunately you just missed our meeting last Weds which was a workshop just for that purpose. You are welcome to bring your scope to any of our public meetings where we can go through the set up, or to one of our stargazing sessions at Great Notley where we can try to help further.

  5. Hi, Thanks so much for a great and informative night at Walton on the Naze on Saturday. I loved your tripod led lights but can’t seem to find anyone in the UK that sells them. Can you help?

  6. Paul Blakesley

    Try 7dayshop website and search for red light led. That’s where most of them have come from.

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