The Astronomy Convention

details coming soon!

  1. Vivien Jackson

    Can’t find eclipse glasses anywhere, was going to come to the Notley event and buy some there, however they are sold out. Are any options to view the eclipse directly still open to me?

  2. We will have solar telescopes set up and a limited number of eclipse viewers to borrow at Notley if you’d still like to come along. It is going to be highly dependent on the weather as to whether anyone will see anything at the moment. Fingers crossed. If it clears, there should be a chance to get a look. If it’s thick cloud or only small breaks that is going to be a limiting factor.

  3. laura harrison

    Will there be a nexstar evolution 8″ on display at starfest and a chance to be shown the starsense technology?

  4. Paul Blakesley

    I can certainly ask our traders if they have one in stock to bring with them to display.

  5. laura harrison

    Brill, i believe this is the telescope i want, iv done a lot of research but will be great to be able to get some advice at starfest and make my ultimate decision. I attended last year and had hoped to come along to some stargazing evenings but it just hasnt been possible!really looking forward to this years event!

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