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Moonwatch & Meteorwatch

As part of the International Year of Astronomy 2009, Autumn Moonwatch (and Meteorwatch) will take place from 24th October to the 1st November.

There will also be a Twitter Moonwatch on the evenings of the 26th & 27th October), where the idea is to communicate with people all over the UK while you observe the Moon.  To take part in this, you will need to sign up to Twitter (for free) and the follow @astronomy2009uk.

During Twitter Moonwatch various people around the country will be live-tweeting images of the Moon, planets and other astronomical objects. At the same time astronomers from Newbury AS (and many others) will be online to answer any questions you might have about the images being tweeted, and about astronomy in general.

This Moonwatch will be a special one, as Faulkes Telescope Network of professional telescopes will also be taking part and taking images with their 2-metre telescope situated in New South Wales, Australia.

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MoonWatch 2009

Put these dates in your diary –

Spring MoonWatch:- 28th March – 5th April
Autumn MoonWatch:- 24th October – 1st November

As part of the International Year of Astronomy, MoonWatch is aiming to get as many people out and observing as possible – and what better way than to use our nearest celestial neighbour, The Moon.

These weeks have been selected by the Society of Popular Astronomy because they are periods in which the Moon will be best placed for observation from the UK.

Sometimes, particularly during the summer, the Moon remains quite low in the sky at the most useful time, between the crescent phase and first quarter. But during these weeks, the Moon stays high above the horizon for a long time.

The idea is to get as many people outside and looking at the Moon as possible. The Spring MoonWatch starts in three days time – hopefully the weather will clear up and we can all get a good look at it’s craters, seas and highlands.

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